From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: The Biggest Scientific Breakthrough in Half a Century

This explains most of human behavior, and nobody knows about it.

OK, so that was possibly the most click-baity email subject line I've ever written. (And I used to do online marketing for a living.)

But in my opinion, it's absolutely accurate.

This week's Plant Yourself Podcast guest has developed, stress-tested, and validated a theory that changes just about everything related to helping human beings live happier, healthier, more productive, more connected lives.

The theory is the oh-so-unsexily named Polyvagal Theory (unless you're into having multiple vagals, that is), and the scientist is Dr Stephen Porges.

What the Polyvagal Theory Solves

I'm interested in theory only so far as it improves practice. And for teachers, coaches, therapists, parents, spouses, friends, bosses, co-workers, and neighbors, Polyvagal Theory shows us why others can't make changes they say they want to make, and how to help them overcome the until-now-invisible-and-mysterious barriers to change.

For humans in general, the theory shows us how and why we're stuck in unhelpful and unwanted behavior patterns, and what we can do about them.

If you've ever felt like you didn't have self-discipline, or willpower - you need to hear this week's interview.

If you've ever felt angry at yourself or sorry for yourself - you need to listen to Dr Porges explain the neurological basis for those feelings, as well as physiological tactics to unwind them.

If you've ever tried to argue with someone to get them to change - this podcast is Code Red listening!

Give it a listen, and if you don't agree with me, I'll refund your wasted time:

(The refund policy is filched from Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, which is one of the best books of all time.)

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Josh LaJaunie and I are holding a small group, in-person weekend retreat from November 14-17, 2019, in a beautiful rural AirBnB in North Carolina.

It will be intensely casual, with a guarantee of no PowerPoints or Keynotes or Prezis. Just living La Vida Plant-based and La Vida Moving Our Bodies in a community setting. Lots of walking and cooking and eating. Lots of coaching and practice. 

The goal of the weekend is to change your life and your health trajectory.

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Or Hang with Us in New Orleans

We're now planning a second retreat, since the first one is going so well in our imaginations :)

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Coach Training Rides Again

Kevin Davis and I will be leading another coach training cohort starting early November, 2019. Find out more about how to become a wicked-effective health coach here:

A Random George Carlin Quote

"Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool."

Until next time,

Be Well!