From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Food doesn't heal

Are you shocked at my blasphemy?

This Week's Podcast: We are Our Own Healers

We love to talk about healing foods, right?

Let food be thy medicine, and all that.

But as this week's podcast guest Benjamin Alter, ND reminds us, foods don't heal us.

Exercise doesn't heal us.

Massage and energy work and breathwork don't heal us.

Our bodies heal themselves - when given a chance.

You might think that's splitting hairs - after all, who cares what the mechanism is if I can swap out burgers and fries for kale and sweet potatoes and reverse heart disease?

But the realization that our bodies are our friends and allies, and not enemies or unruly and ill-behaved toddlers looking for every opportunity to run out into traffic, has profound implications for how we relate to it, and to our daily habits and choices.

What we really want, according to Benjamin, is the freedom to live our lives fully in alignment with universal laws. To express our life energy fully and uniquely.

This takes the discussion of health and healing far beyond what we eat, into all aspects of our lives. Into our thought patterns. Into our relationship with food. Into our social and political connections.


Is It Really Possible to Help Others Change their Health Habits and Destiny?

Imagine that your friend, who's struggled with her weight for the past 20 years at least, proudly tells you that she just watched Forks Over Knives for the 3rd time, and this time she's really going to go for it. She already threw out all the junk in her kitchen, and went shopping and bought $200 worth of vegetables and whole grains and frozen fruit.

You'll simultaneously thrilled and apprehensive. You're excited that this time she might actually succeed. And yet you know in your heart of hearts that nothing has really changed. That she will do great for three weeks or three months, and then "fall off the wagon" and slide back into old habits, more demoralized than before.

If she asked for your help in maintaining her new healthy lifestyle, would you know what to do? How to coach her to success? How to help her recover from slipups without losing hope and giving up?

If your answer is "Probably not" or "I'm not sure," my next question for you is:

Would you like to have that power?

Do you want the strategies and techniques that allow you to help people make the changes they say they want to make - even if they've failed repeatedly in the past?

Do you want to master a reliable process for helping the people around you - friends and family, or paid clients - gain and maintain traction on the things that are important to them?

If so, I invite you to check out the WellStart Coach Training Academy. It's a 12-week health coaching program, fully plant-based in philosophy, that gives you the skills and mindset to become a wicked-effective coach. Predictably.

Read all about it here:

Next class starts November 2019. If you'd like to join us, simply register for an enrollment interview at the bottom of that page.

A Coach Joke

A coach full of jazz musicians broke down on the highway. Police say to expect long jams.