From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: The Plant-based Athlete, Meat Me Halfway, and my 15 minutes of notoriety

Hi there!

Howie Jacobson here, from Plant Yourself, Proteinaholic, yada yada. Got four things for ya today:

0. Coach Training Rides Again

Do you want to become a wicked-effective health coach? Do you long to help people, not just with information, but support when they struggle, backslide, "fall off the wagon," and want to give up on their healthy, plant-based lifestyle?

The WellStart Health Coach Training Academy, which is a fancy way of saying Howie on Zoom for 13 Weeks, will give you the tools to help those folks. You'll learn a simple, step-by-step, reliable process for getting clients moving, unstuck, and sustainably successful. 

The final 2021 run of the program begins the first week in September. You need to apply, which consists of a 30-minute enrollment interview with me to see if the program and you are a good fit. Read all about it here:

1.The Plant Based Athlete

Last week I interviewed Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke on their new book, The Plant Based Athlete. Josh LaJaunie joined the conversation to provide "in the trenches" commentary. 

We talked about how athletics is such a great gateway to the plant-based lifestyle, and why self-experimentation with plant-based nutrition for athletes can be a powerful antidote to the acrimony, arguments, and judgments rampant in much of the plant-based/vegan community. 

And why it's so vital for plant-based influencers to be honest about their journeys, especially their health and wellness struggles.

Listen or watch here:

2. Meat Me Halfway

This week's conversation is with documentarian and movement maker Brian Kateman, co-founder of the Reducetarian foundation and director and star of Meat Me Halfway. The film is unique among plant-based documentaries in that it doesn't use the "naive narrator" device simply as a stand-in for an unconvinced audience. Rather, Brian is truly looking for answers to difficult questions, like "Is it OK to advocate for people simply eating less meat, rather than going 100% vegan?" and "Are 'humane' farms preferable to factory farms?"

He talks with people who disagree with him, and listens respectfully, and demonizes no one. It's beautiful, challenging, and refreshing. 

Listen or watch here: 

3. My 15 Minutes of Notoriety

Peter Bregman and I wrote an editorial for this week. It's titled "Angry at the Unvaccinated? There's a Better Way." In it, we talk about how to talk to people with very different beliefs and worldviews when we want them to change. 

It's been a long time since I've received such a polarized reaction to my writing. Many love it, and I've also gotten a fair dollop of hate mail, with one particularly colorful correspondent offering to drive his mask-wearing Mack truck up my pompous ass.

Will you love it or hate it? Only one way to find out: 

If you appreciate the approach we advocate, you'll get a lot out of our upcoming book, You CAN Change Other People. I'll send out pre-order instructions in an upcoming email.

To your good health,