From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Behind-the-Curtain Coaching Demo

The Mystery of the Vegan Junk Food

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In this episode of the Plant Yourself Podcast, eavesdrop on a personal coaching session that I conducted with Ian Lawton, host of the Workshed Podcast.

Ian has lost around 150 pounds and turned himself into marathoner (3 marathons in December, 2019). And he's training for his first ultra marathon in April 2020.

The problem is, he's been sneaking in the vegan junk food, and his weight has plateaued and started creeping back up.

As a former fat guy, he's terrified of slipping back to where he was.

In this conversation, you'll hear some of the tools of coaching, and witness Ian be vulnerable, honest, and brave as he reconnects with his own strength and resolve.

Ian actually posted the conversation on his own podcast, the Workshed Podcast, and graciously gave me permission to reproduce it here for you. Definitely check out The Workshed for more from Ian, and take a look at, the charity he founded to honor the memory of his son.

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