From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Exercise doesn't burn more calories and you should do it anyway

Hey, Howie here, and I'm so excited about this week's podcast episode. It's with Herman Pontzer, PhD, who just released one of the best science/health books ever.

It's called Burn, and it's all about the latest research into metabolism - how we turn food into energy, and energy into life. 

I've been in the health field full time for 8 years now, and this book is blowing my mind. Rather than rely on old assumptions, Pontzer's lab at Duke University puts everything to the test. 

They've discovered that the most active humans in the world - modern day hunter/gatherers like the Hadza of Tanzania - don't burn any more calories than sedentary westerners. 

That indolent, well-fed apes in zoos have half the body fat that we do.

That we don't lose weight when we exercise, because the body compensates for the extra calories that come from activity by throttling down other systems' energy usage.

Dr Pontzer was gracious enough to come onto the podcast and share his findings with us. You can listen here:

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