From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Results are typical

What we can learn from high- and low-budget movies

Quick email this week, with just a few thingies:

1. Podcast Interview with Fitness Trainer and Documentarian Carly Asse

Carly Asse returns to Plant Yourself to talk about his evolution as a filmmaker, and to share his latest work: UnSupersize Me in Cuba, a work aimed at informing and inspiring the Spanish-speaking world to adopt plant-based nutrition and a vigorous fitness regimen.

Listen to our conversation here:

What struck me is how much diet and lifestyle change is like gravity: a predictable force with inevitable results. 

We live in a culture where weight management and health are so damn mysterious and elusive - and yet the results you'll get following Carly's protocols (or pretty much anyone's who understands the truth about nutrition) will astound and confound your friends, neighbors, and doctors. 

People are out there chasing the holy grail, and we've already found it, people. Eat plants. Move your body. Results are typical.

2. The Game Changers Full Documentary is Available for Free on YouTube

Definitely worth your time - and you'll probably share the link with everyone you care about: 

3. Become a Wicked-Effective Health Coach

If you want to help people adopt plant-based diets and overall healthy lifestyles, you've got to know how to guide them to make changes, and stick with them when things get hard. 

My 12-week course will turn you into a coaching superstar, guaranteed: 

4. Josh/Howie Health Retreat in New Orleans March 5-8

Can you imagine getting healthy in the most decadent city in the United States? 

We can. Find out about our intensely casual NOLA bootcamp and see if it's a good fit: 

5. [Your Name Here] Runs a Marathon ???

Last night I watched Brittany Runs a Marathon, a fantastic Hollywood film about - wait for it - a young woman named Brittany who runs a marathon. 

It's a very transformational, inspiring story. (And of course they totally mess up the food!)

But it got me and Josh thinking - how many of y'all want to get into marathon shape? Would you be interested in a coaching program that got you from wherever you are now to marathon shape in year or less? 

If you think that might be for you, simply reply to this email and tell me a little bit about your running goals. 

6. The Wrong Way to Think About Running

"I took my dog for a walk, all the way from New York to Florida. I said to him, 'There, now you're done.'" - Stephen Wright

Be Well!