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Subject: Are you insubordinate?

This Week's Podcast: A Recipe for Rebellion

This week's podcast interview features psychologist and author Todd Kashdan, who's just written a really important book for activists who want to make a difference.

It's called The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively

In our conversation, Todd and I explore what makes certain dissenters effective and others not. 

You'll learn techniques for persuasion. Discover what dooms movements for social change, and what empowers them.

You'll learn how to take care of yourself for the long game, so you don't burn out before reaching the promised land.

Plus, we talk about our childhoods in New Jersey, surviving Action Park, and how to combat the threats to free speech that undermine democracy.

Listen or watch here:

A Word From Our Sponsor (Me): Know Someone Called to Leadership?

In addition to my writing and health coaching, I've also been doing a lot of leadership and executive coaching lately. Mostly it's been via referral - people are getting to know that side of me thanks to the book I co-wrote with Peter Bregman, You Can Change Other People.

What occurred to me recently was, "What if I combined my two careers? What if I let people in the health and plant-based worlds know that I'm an experienced and effective leadership coach?

My hope is to achieve meaningful impact at scale by guiding entrepreneurs and executives and other plant-based leaders grow their enterprises and change the world.

If you know someone who needs to increase their leadership skills in order to grow their thing to the next level, I'd love an introduction. 

When Rebellion Gets in the Way

Rebelling against unjust and unhealthy systems is great. But what about when we rebel against our own best interests?

Many of my health coaching clients "rebel" against the rules, standards, structures, and intentions they set up for themselves. They cherish their identity as a rebel, and then use that identity to justify bingeing, avoiding physical activity, and making choices that move them further from their values and goals. 

Glenn Livingston and I talked about how to defuse this type of unhelpful rebelliousness in a recent recorded conversation. Listen here: 

Season Two of Woke is Outstanding

In February, I published a conversation with Keith Knight, gentleman cartoonist and creator of the Hulu series "Woke." 

Season 2 just dropped, and it's fantastic. Hilarious, heartfelt, serious, and willing to tackle monumentally important issues, "Woke" is worth your time (and probably your $7 for a month of Hulu basic). 

That's it for now.

Stay rebellious - sometimes :)