From: Howie Jacobson <>
Subject: New podcast conversation: Will Bulsiewicz on fiber and human authenticity

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The dirty secret of my podcast is, I started it just to have a good reason to have conversations with really cool people.

The first guest I was angling for was John Robbins, whose book Diet for a New America started my plant-based journey and changed my life forever.

So after a few dozen interviews under my belt and published, I steeled my nerve, reached out, and requested an interview.

It was awesome. John put me at ease, shared freely and deeply, and generally made me feel good about being alive, and being me:

And the next day, he emailed and asked if we could record some more, because he'd reflected on our conversation and had some additional thoughts:

Mostly, I've chosen all my guests using the John Robbins standard. I ask myself, "Am I tingling with excitement to speak to this person?" And only if the answer is yes do I pursue it, or agree if they've pitched themselves to me.

Episode 520: Citizen Science and the Wisdom of Pain: Will Bulsiewicz, MD

I tell you all this to introduce this week's conversation. It's with Will Bulsiewicz, MD, gastroenterologist extraordinaire and author, most recently, of The Fiber Fueled Cookbook.

Dr B, as any physician named Bulsiewicz who wants people to remember their name would naturally want to be called, is one of my favorite guests partly because his information is vital, and original, and elegantly presented.

But that's only part of it.

The other part - the larger part, honestly - is Dr B's warm and kind and positive spirit.

He shares information both authoritatively and humbly. He invites inquiry rather than "owning" or "crushing" his detractors. He seeks knowledge, wherever that leads him.

I'm a better person after spending two hours with Dr B. I hope you'll feel the same when you join us.

Listen or watch here:

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