From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Today's podcast, and help with stress

Hey there, Howard here, on Day 5 of my South African lockdown. Hope you're doing well!

Today's Podcast

A simple mental shift has made a big difference for me in these challenging times.

Help If You're Stressed Out

I've just created a series of "Unstressing" audios to help you get through lockdown, quarantine, shelter in place, or whatever you happen to be going through at the moment: 

I'm adding files daily; right now you can access the following:
  • Progressive Relaxation vs physical and emotional stress
  • Autonomic Training vs insomnia
  • The basic exercise to balance the vagus nerve
  • A body scan you can perform at your desk to counter work- and posture-related stress
  • Two 30-second self-soothing hacks to reset your neurology when you feel overwhelmed
  • Graduated "stress training" to build your resilience quickly
The price is Pay What You Can, including zero. Please pay what feels comfortable to you (and don't stress out over the amount, as that would be ironically self-defeating And if you don't like them, you have a full year to get a refund.
You can access the audios as mp3 files from the thank-you page once you check out.
Feel free to share widely, and let me know what you think of the audios!

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Be well, and stay safe!