From: Howie Jacobson <>
Subject: The first Sick to Fit Retreat in 2 years - this coming March/April

Hi ,

Howie Jacobson here, from Sick to Fit, Proteinaholic, and Plant Yourself, with an announcement I've been waiting over 700 days to make:

Josh LaJaunie and I are delighted to announce our very first in-person Sick to Fit Retreat in over two years. The dates are Thursday, March 31 - Sunday, April 3, 2022. Maximum of 12 participants, 2.5 days, in a beautiful rural setting about 30 minutes from Raleigh, NC's RDU airport (a Southwest Airlines hub, if that helps...).

Here's a full description, along with a link to register for an enrollment interview: Sick to Fit Retreat

If you're looking for the executive summary, keep reading :)

Cost is $1200 for one person, $1500 for a couple, including food and lodging (first 4 individuals or couples only - after that, you're responsible for finding your own nearby lodging on AirBnB and you get a discount from us since we don't have to pay for your lodging).

Prepare and eat great food (no gluten, but not medically gluten-free); amp up your movement; discover and practice how to build good habits and drop bad ones; engage with a like-minded group of people; learn wicked-effective stress-proofing exercises; have the space and time to do some deep dives and turbo-charge your own transformation.

We don't have a set-in-stone agenda - we'll be crafting it based on the folks who sign up, and what they specifically want and need.

We'll also be improvising during the retreat. 

So don't even think about signing up unless you already know, like, and (most importantly) trust us. 

To make sure it's a good fit, we'll be conducting enrollment interviews with all applicants.

You can register for the interview with a $25 deposit, which is subtracted from the fee if you attend, and which is refunded if you don't end up attending. So think of it as earnest money; you risk nothing by applying.

Again, here's the full story, with pictures and stories from past participants: Sick to Fit Retreat

Hope to see you there!