From: Howie Jacobson <>
Subject: a quick heads-up, and a couple of great podcast conversations

A quick heads-up: Next week I’ll be opening up two slots for new executive coaching clients. I've expanded my practice beyond health and wellness, and have returned to working with entrepreneurs and leaders to help move past old patterns and habits and grow and strengthen their leadership. 

If you're leading a mission-driven organization or startup and you are willing to commit to a year's worth of unflinching self-work, and you'd like to register your interest before the spaces become available, reply to this email and we’ll be in touch.

Podcast conversations

What is resilience? Why is it an important measure of health? And how can we get more of it? Taylor Sittler, MD, head of R&D at Levels Health, shares his research and perspective:

Can marriage be more than a lifetime of compromises? Join authors Ana Gabriel Mann and John Mann as they talk about their new book, The Go-Giver Marriage. It's a page-turner fable based on evidence; two qualities that you can't say about most self-help books. Listen or watch here: 

How did Rym Selmi go from investment banking to vegan chocolate? Listen to her unlikely and inspiring journey from finance misery to entrepreneurial glory as CEO of Miiro: