From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Meet me at the summit

Hey, Howard Jacobson here, from Plant Yourself, with a quick message about the Plant Super Powers summit that I'm participating in starting next month.

My friend and coaching student Jul Nov runs the summit, and interviewed me about - well, what I always talk about - how to change your habits and behaviors and sustain those changes for the long haul. 

She's a great interviewer - she listens closely, asks pointed questions, and keeps things moving. (Otherwise, I sometimes end up riffing on topics just to hear what I think about them, which nobody should have to sit through.)

In addition to me, you'll be able to watch interviews with some of the luminaries of the plant-based movement: the "healers' row" of Goldhamer, Fuhrman, Klaper, Kahn, Barnard, Goldner, Marbas, Esselstyn, and Team Sherzai. (If you're unfamiliar with any of them, that's a reason right there to join the summit just to meet them!)

And of course there are the hilarious and brilliant chefs (AJ, Kathy Hester (who insists she's not really a chef but I've eaten her cooking a lot, so suck it up, Kathy)), and a bunch of trainers and coaches to help you implement all the plant-based strategies you'll encounter. Including my good buddy Glenn Livingston, author of Never Binge Again. He's always great to listen to.

And, I'm excited to say, a bunch of clinicians and researchers and coaches that I haven't heard of yet. Yay, fresh blood! Good for Jul for digging deep and highlighting the next generation of plant-based healers. I'll probably steal a bunch of them for the Plant Yourself Podcast, to tell you the truth!

And - one more kudo to Jul - the roster of faces includes many women and people of color. Three cheers for representation!

Caveats and Unsolicited Advice for You

Now, this is one of the only summits that I participate in. Frankly, I'm not a huge fan of the whole structure. I think there are too many bonuses - all those PDFs and videos can be overwhelming - and way too many speakers. The whole thing can be an exercise in drinking from a fire hose and not focusing on one or two specific issues or goals. 

Also, the summit structure consists of more marketing than I'm comfortable with, which is why I insist on not keeping any affiliate commissions for sales of the summit recordings or anything else. 

So if you'd like to join the summit, which you can do for free, and receive all those bonuses and get invited to watch the interviews during their online broadcast time, I urge you to be judicious about your consumption. Choose two or three talks, the ones that will be most impactful for you. Be parsimonious about the free bonuses you get. Make a commitment to read or watch them within 7 days. Don't download a bunch of files into some computer folder that you'll never look at again.

And if you're familiar with many of the summit participants, take a chance on some new faces. 

How to Register

Because Jul went to the trouble of creating a graphic just for me, I've shared it below. If you can't see it because of your email settings, I'll share it on social media tomorrow.

If you'd like to sign up for the summit, which takes place in July (Jul sent me an email with the exact dates, but I lost it - sorry!), you can do so here: Yes, it's an affiliate link, but only for tracking purposes to see if I'm pulling my weight and not freeloading off of all the famous speakers with millions of followers.

And I don't know whether this was done on purpose, but on that page, my photo is next to one of the most ripped vegans on the planet. So thanks for that, Jul ;)