From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: Why I'm trying continuous glucose monitoring, when I don't have diabetes

This week's podcast episode ended up convincing me to stick a device into my body to measure my blood sugar and send a reading to my smartphone every 15 minutes.

To be clear, this is very much not like me.

I'm not a fan of high-tech health, believing instead in the power of nature, whole plant foods, and deep inner work.

I don't trust people who make everything about "bioindividuality," as if each of us is our own unique species, and the diet that's appropriate for me will do you grievous harm.

And I'm leery of any company funded by venture capital.

So that's why it's so amazing that this week's guest, Casey Means, MD, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Levels Health, explained the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring so convincingly that I asked to jump to the head of the line to experience it for myself.

For one thing, I'm fascinated by the behavioral implications of finding out almost instantly whether a particular meal leads to a harmful spike in blood sugar.

Second, I'm convinced that while blood glucose levels aren't the only or even main metric we should be looking at to determine health destiny (after all, there are people eating nothing but meat who have very low blood sugar levels, for obvious reasons), it's still damn useful as long as we don't lose track of the real goal.

Third, Dr Means made a damn good case that if millions of people were getting this information on a regular basis, it would change the way we grow food, treat our environment, and take care of all people, since blood glucose levels are negatively affected by hormone disrupting chemicals, pesticides, and stress.

Are you skeptical? I don't blame you. Check out our conversation here: 

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Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a safe, sane, and loving 2021!