From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: You CAN change other people - read chapter 1 now

Hi there - Howie here, from Plant Yourself, Proteinaholic, and Sick to Fit.

You’ve probably heard the truism, “You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself.”

Except, that’s not true.

It’s not that we can’t change other people.

It’s that the things we say and do to change them don't work because we’re saying and doing the wrong things. Instead of positive change, we end up with hurt feelings and angry outbursts.

And those conversations about food and health can be especially messy, can't they? One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is how hard it is to watch a spouse, a child, a dear friend, doggedly digging their own premature grave with their own fork and knife.

And our impulse is to shake them, to shove a copy of Proteinaholic at them, to tie them to a couch and curate a nine-hour plant-based documentary festival, from Forks Over Knives to Game Changers to Seaspiracy. ("We'll be having a short bathroom break between Plant Pure Nation and What the Health.")

Of course that rarely works, and more often than not does more harm than good. ("Look at me eating this double-fried bacon ice cream cake!")

So instead we zip it and slap on a fake smile.

After all, you can't change other people. Right?

But what if there were a third option? One that helped them change for the better, and actually enhanced the relationship?

Here’s the thing. People change on their own, all the time.

They don’t resist change – they resist being changed.

That’s why Peter Bregman and I wrote You CAN Change Other People. As coaches, it’s our job to help others realize a specific, powerful change. Peter, in the leadership and C-Suite arena, and me in the business and health/energy/focus worlds. We’ve combined our powers and distilled our process down to four steps that you can use to help someone close to you to realize a powerful change.

To help you, Peter and I have recorded live, unrehearsed coaching calls with people chosen from our audiences, to demonstrate the techniques we teach in You CAN Change Other People.

You might remember me emailing about that. :-)

Peter and I really enjoyed the experience – and we’re excited to share these calls with you. If you pre-order the book in the coming weeks, you’ll have access to the recorded coaching calls.

Access to the pre-order will be coming soon – watch your email inbox.

Until then, I invite you to check out the first chapter of You CAN Change Other People, which you can find here: Chapter One.  


PS: If you’ve already pre-ordered the book, don’t worry. You’ll still be eligible to collect the resources we’ve created. Thank you!