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Subject: The Queen's Gambit, The Hero's Journey, and Surviving Thanksgiving 2020

Hi there from Plant Yourself land! Today I want to share a wonderfully rich and challenging podcast conversation, and a video that my wife and I recorded to help you survive Thanksgiving 2020.

The Queen's Gambit, The Hero's Journey, Veganism, and Exercise: Tyson Yunkaporta on PYP 439

The podcast interview is with a return guest, Tyson Yunkaporta, who kindly agreed to sit down and yarn with me about veganism (of which he's highly critical) and how undomesticated humans should live. We talked about tofu, why vegans should grow bean in their gardens, the short-sighted mythology of the Hero's Journey, and the underlying message of The Queen's Gambit.

There's something in this conversation to confound everyone. I hope you can see where we're aiming: a higher truth arising from the exploration of divergent perspectives.

Listen or watch here: 

How to Survive Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is a time for family, tradition, and gratitude. So what do we do when we can't be near our families? When we can't participate in our traditions? When we feel anything *but* grateful?

In this video, my wife Mia and I explore the pitfalls and opportunities in this year's highly unusual holiday season. And suggest a way of going deeper into the core elements of the holiday that can remind us of our true nature, and the gifts we have to offer the world.

Watch here: 

A Favor

I'd like to ramp up my YouTube outreach - I'd consider it a great kindness if you would subscribe to my channel (now branded as Sick to Fit) and let one other person know about it. In addition to most podcast interviews, I'm now posting short "How to be healthy" videos on weekdays. Thanks!

In Closing

Wishing you and your loved ones a meaningful, connected, and compassionate holiday season,


Now's the time to look toward 2021. If you've let things slide in 2020 and want to get back on track for a healthy and joyful life, consider a year of one-on-one coaching with me. Details and link to apply at