From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: I'm too stressed out to "embrace the suck"

The pandemic, lockdowns, climate disasters, and political insanity have me on edge. 

I find myself waking in the night, mind racing, trying to win the Awfulizing Derby by imagining doomsday scenarios that rival The Day After Tomorrow and 2012.

During the day, I'm frequently looking for "insta-comfort," which is so much easier to procure from a sugary snack than a 20-minute mindfulness meditation.

Honestly, the last thing I want to do these days is "chase discomfort," or "go hard in the paint," or "embrace the suck."

But when I try to make my life as soft and comfortable as possible, I find it's even harder to deal with the non-optional stressors.

So how can we consistently choose to do the challenging things in a world that's overwhelming? 

I visited with my friend and martial arts instructor Glenn Murphy on the banks of the Eno River in Durham, NC, where we recorded a socially distant episode about how to approach hard things (strenuous exercise, challenging breathing exercises, resisting tempting foods, etc.) when life feels too hard already.

As a bonus, Glenn shares a lovely 10-minute guided visualization that you may want to return to when you need a megadose of presence and sanity.

Listen here:

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