From: Howard Jacobson <>
Subject: looking for a volunteer to be coached...

Hey, Howie Jacobson here, with my first email in a while.

I've been heads down for the past six months, co-writing a book that I think will change many lives for the better.

It's called You CAN Change Other People: The Four Steps to Help Colleagues, Employees - Even Family - Up Their Game. Publication date: September 22, 2021. Pre-order here

It's basically my coaching process (which I first learned from my co-author, Peter Bregman), simplified and made accessible to everyone who wants to help the people around them live happier, more fulfilled, healthier lives. 

And to encourage sales, Peter and I are going to be creating some awesome bonuses, including recordings of actual coaching sessions where we demonstrate the Four Steps in action. Which is where you come in...

Would you like a gratis coaching session from me, to work on any issue in your life? Could be health-related, or career, or just about anything where you're feeling stuck and it matters.

The deal is, you have to agree to have the session recorded, for me to use however I like. If you want to remain partly anonymous, we can just record audio and use your first name, or a pseudonym, but I do need the audio.

The session will run about 30 minutes.

If you're interested, please reply to this email and let me know a bit about you, and what you're currently working on that you'd like help with. 

If you don't want your issue aired publicly but are interested in working with me as your coach, you can check out my signature coaching program here: