Full Year of Unlimited Laser Coaching

What's laser coaching?

Simple. It's coaching in 20-minute increments, without the chit-chat and "how's the weather" stuff, where we focus on getting you to take the next step toward your health and fitness goals.


Our first step is a 30-minute enrollment interview on Zoom.
That's where I get to know you and you get to know me, and where we decide if working together is the right next step. We'll identify your big goals, and the action steps you'll need to take to reach them.

We'll also uncover hidden obstacles so you can overcome them with your eyes open.

If, after the enrollment interview, we both agree that laser coaching is right for you, I'll send you a sign-up and payment link.

Each subsequent Zoom session is 20 minutes (or less; you're paying for results, not time). In each session, we will work toward your goals and come up with homework that we agree on (we both must agree on the homework, so there's no worry that you'll get overwhelmed). You can record all sessions, so you don't have to take notes or worry about forgetting something.

After each session, I send you an email with your homework, and a link to schedule our next call.

How much does it cost?

I've charged clients up to $50,000 per year to guide them toward their goals. Because of the way I've structured laser coaching (20-minute sessions, responsibility for scheduling and homework rests with you), I can reduce that to $12,000 per year, paid in quarterly $3000 installments.

Unlimited? What does that even mean?

Simple. Once you complete the homework assignment that we agree upon, you can go online and schedule your next session. 

Aside from the coaching, do I "get" anything?

Yes. You get:

  • unlimited 20-minute video laser coaching sessions for one year (video or phone, your choice)
  • downloadable recording of each session (optional)
  • confirmation email with homework assignment and link to schedule next call

What if I can't do the homework?

If you're truly stuck, schedule the next session right away. We'll figure out how to move forward, either with an easier assignment, or breaking it into smaller parts, or uncovering and removing the blockage.

Who should not sign up for Laser Coaching?

If you don't need any one-on-one support, then you probably won't benefit from laser coaching. You know who you are: you read an article and immediately implement all the strategies without fuss. You're totally self-motivated. You never get hung up on details, or give in to temptation.

If you're not really motivated to get healthy and fit, then laser coaching isn't a good fit for you either. As a coach, I view my clients' motivation the same way a sailor sees the wind. I can't conjure motivation, but if it exists, I can help my clients use it skillfully to reach their destination quickly and easily.

Also, if you don't want the responsibility of scheduling our sessions, laser coaching isn't for you. I offer other coaching arrangements if you'd like to set up a recurring weekly or monthly session. We can talk about those in the enrollment interview if you like. 

Do you take insurance?

Sorry, no.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. After our first laser session, if you don't think I can absolutely help you achieve your health and fitness goals, then we'll cancel the agreement and I'll refund your money immediately.

Can I think about it?

Of course. Take as much time as you need. Discuss it with the important people in your life. The only urgency is your own. 

A note on prices: If you're familiar with the Plant Yourself Podcast, you may wonder how I can keep producing a free weekly episode with zero advertising. Each episode takes about five hours a week to book, research, record, edit, and publish. I subsidize that effort - which reaches 10s of thousands of people who may not be able to afford my other products and services - by making a living wage through coaching, among other things. 

Truthfully, here's my experience through 20 years of self-employment: the people who know me the best are the ones who sign up the fastest. If you aren't sure, then you may want to wait until you get to know me better (and trust me more).

What's my next step?

If you're ready to commit to your best health and fitness year ever, then there's a button at the bottom of this page for you. It will take you to a page to schedule the 30-minute enrollment interview with me. 

To protect my time, there's a nominal fee for the interview ($23), which is designed to filter out tire kickers, and bring me into conversation only with people who are serious about and committed to change. If either of us decides after the interview that laser coaching is not a good fit, you can get a refund of the interview fee. If we decide to move forward, the interview fee will be deducted from the coaching fee.

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